Quickly convert from one currency to another

Want instant access to exchange rates from all over the world? This simple utility does the job for you, giving you access to information about the current exchange rates between practically every currency in the world. This makes it ideal for travelling or exchanging money between different countries.

The program is very intuitive, you simply choose the date of exchange, then click the flag representing the language of your choice (Spanish, English, French, German, Iitalian or Portuguese). Then just choose the source and target currency and the amount to convert, and the result will be displayed automatically.



Divisas 2.0.2

User reviews about Divisas

  • taquigraf

    by taquigraf

    "I needed that"

    Divisas is the perfect small unobtrusive tool to have on your desktop. I recently found myself in situations where I had... More.

    reviewed on March 22, 2006